February 07, 2012

Practical procedure

It is impossible to cover every conceivable problem likely to be encountered when carrying out a draught survey. Ships and ports vary so much that there will always be the unforeseen circumstances which will require an on-the-spot decision. These notes and steps to be taken, give only a broad approach to the subject. There is however, no substitute for experience.
An inaccurate survey may result in considerable expense to several parties, therefore it should be conducted carefully and accurately. Being well prepared and having sufficient time will allow the survey to be conducted correctly. It may not appear expedient to delay the ship in order to complete the draught survey properly, but it could save money in the long term. This decision must lie with the Master, however careful preparation could reduce these delays to a minimum.
All parties should work together for a unanimous result, the facts should be established by inspection and not by verbal agreement.

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