February 08, 2012

Corrections check list

Forward...P & S                aft...P & S               midships...P & S
Mean values, ie. draughts at centreline, forward, aft and midships.
Correct from marks to perpendicular and midships positions.
Misplacement opposite to trim, then positive (+)
Misplacement same as trim, then negative (-)
Hog/sag correction (mean of mean of means, or similar).
negative (-) for hog          positive (+) for sag
CORRECTED MEAN DRAUGHT ... to enter hydrostatic tables.
Displacement from displacement table.
First trim correction or Correction for layer (in tonnes).
LCF same as trim, then positive (+)
LCF opposite to trim, then negative (-)
Second trim correction (in tonnes).
Always positive (+)
List correction (in tonnes).
Always positive (+)
Correction for density.
Less than salt water density, then negative (-)

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